We were introduced to AdvoCare in June of 1999. From Day 1 we knew the products were different, but we were skeptical. In just a few days we noticed our cravings had changed, every closet in the house was clean and we had energy in the evening to be active with our girls who were 2 and 4. Fast forward 6 months of making lifestyle changes and staying consistent on products Elizabeth lost right at 50 pounds and went from a size 16 to a 4 and has now maintained since 2000. Donnie took up several notches on his belt and was back to his weight when he played baseball in College. We discovered a passion for helping others to be the Champion Mom, Dad, Friend, Employee, Teacher that they wanted to be. This opportunity worked on our time schedule, keeping our family first, allowed us to pay off $125,000 in 2 1/2 years, it's allowed us to put college education back for both girls and take family vacations. The biggest benefit though, was for Elizabeth to be a comfortable stay at home mom and be the loudest voice in our daughters lives. Now both girls have joined us in this journey and we do AdvoCare as a family. Donnie left a Fortune 500 company as a Vice President in March 2018 to join me on building our families Legacy for our children and the generations to come. Our goal is to serve those that want to make a change in their life, are willing to go to work to achieve it!   Our tag line at AdvoCare is WE BUILD CHAMPIONS and it is our firm belief that must begin at home!